Why R-Programming Training is Important

Why R-Programming Training is Important? BY TraininginSAS

Proficiency in R programming Language is highly in demand by the companies as R is useful in statistics, data mining and analytics. It is highly recommended by the data scientists in comparison to other programming languages.

Google uses R to calculate Rate of interest, Twitter uses R to measure user experience and Ford uses R for vehicle designing.

One of the functions needed for a typical data science application are included in the base language: functions for data visualization, data access and preparation, forecasting and statistical modeling.

By gaining expertise in R programming language you can built up your career as a Data Scientist & Data Analyst, Quantitative Analyst and Financial Analyst. It is beneficial to you as a developer as it is used for statistical computing and graphics.

If you want to opt for learning R programming Training you should master the skills like time series, portfolio selection, prediction, Derivative, Covariance and Clustering.

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