What Is Data Analytics and Data Analytics Course By TraininginSAS

What Is Data Analytics and Data Analytics Course? By TraininginSAS

Data Analytics refers to analyzing the extracted data by categorizing and identifying the behavior of data with the use of qualitative and quantitative techniques in accordance with the requirement of the business firm. Data is collected, analyzed and stored for gaining an insight into purchasing patterns and study the trends. Data analysis can involve descriptive and predictive analysis, statistical analysis, data mining, business analytics and big data analytics.

Data analytics course help student gain expertise in Hadoop HBase, hive, scoop, spark, pig, Cassandra, storm, Scala and Kafka. Hadoop is a major tool used by companies along with Apache spark, Scala and MapReduce. For opting for data analytics as a career you need to have basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics, normal understanding of programming language and MS excel, a basic understanding of business lifecycle will help you gain insight into corporate welfare.

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