We offer R Programming training courses and certification in Delhi by our skilled and experts. our R Programming modules contain hands on application training with practical. Our R Programming courses in Delhi by corporate trainers are very flexible with latest technology
R Programming

R is a programming language, as well as, a software that offers statistical computing environment and graphics to enable analytical research. It is used by several companies world over today.

Program Objective

This program is designed to offer you a quick insight into the fundamentals of R and slowly help you build that knowledge through systematic learning modules.

Scope of the Training

Starting with an introduction to R, we take you through the verticals of the course, spanning topics related to statistical modelling with R, programming, advanced programming, advanced graphics, R for six sigma professionals and also, R packages.

Who Should Enroll

People who have basic knowledge of operating a computer, statistics and math topics like algebra, vectors and matrices can opt to enrol for this course. It is especially helpful for students interested in statistical analysis, data mining and visualization. Enterprise data analysts and those hoping for a career as R professionals too find this course highly beneficial.

Why Us

At Analytic Square we use simple language, real world data and ample exercises to help you understand the basics of this course. With over 100 lectures and detailed videos that help educate you about R we ensure you get sufficient practice sessions to hone your skills in R.

Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1: Installation of R
  • Lecture 2: Getting Started with Libraries
  • Lecture 3: Vector
  • Lecture 4: List
  • Lecture 5: Matrices
  • Lecture 6: Dataframe

Section 2: Getting Data in R

  • Lecture 7: Data Types
  • Lecture 8: Subsetting
  • Lecture 9: Writing Data
  • Lecture 10: Reading data from different files

Section 3: Function

  • Lecture 11: Numeric Functions
  • Lecture 12: Charachter Functions
  • Lecture 13: Date Functions

Section 4: Subset

  • Lecture 14: Dplyr Package
  • Lecture 15: Control Statement

Section 5: Loop

  • Lecture 16: Do Loop
  • Lecture 17: While and Until
  • Lecture 18: Break and Continue

Section 6: Reports and Dashboard

  • Lecture 19: Charts, Histograms and Plots
  • Lecture 20: Plotting Functions and Libraries

Section 7: Basic Statistics

  • Lecture 21: Measure of Central Tendency
  • Lecture 22: Hypothesis Testing
  • Lecture 23: T-Test
  • Lecture 24: ANOVA
  • Lecture 25: CHI-Square

Section 8: Statistical Techniques

  • Lecture 26: Linear Regression
  • Lecture 27: Logistic Regression
  • Lecture 28: Cluster Analysis
  • Lecture 29: Time Series
  • Lecture 30: Decision Tree
  • Lecture 31: Random Forest
  • Fee : RS 18,000
  • Duration : 2 Months
  • Mode: Online
  • Tool: R Programming

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R Programming Course and Certification New Delhi

R programming is a language that is used for data analysis, statistical computing, statistical analysis and data manipulation. It helps to analyze the data in a more proficient manner than Excel analysis. It is a free software for statistical computing and graphics.

R provides a wide variety of statistical techniques like linear and nonlinear modelling, time-series analysis classical statistical tests, graphical techniques, classification and clustering. It is basically a well-developed and effective programming language which includes conditionals, loops, user-defined recursive functions and input and output facilities.

It is an integrated package of data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. A R Programmer uses his programming skills to break the data by creating small tools for easing the process of data analysis.

Online R Programming Course and Certification in New Delhi will skill you through R analytics, statistical modelling with R programming, advanced graphics, Data Visualization and Machine Learning, Loop Functions and Debugging, Simulation and Profiling.

There is no pre-requisite requirement for this course. This course is an apt choice for the ones who share interest in statistics and data science, Web developers who want to implement data analysis features in their webpage, Professionals working in analytics or related fields and Researchers who perform data analysis including graphs.

You can make career as a data scientist programmer, Data analyst, Data architect and Geo statisticians. Nearly 43 percent of data scientists use R to solve statistical problems. A basic knowledge of computers, basic knowledge of any programming language, statistics and mathematics is all needed for you to opt for Online R Programming Course and Certification in New Delhi. Average salary of R programming job in India is around Rs 481,586 per year.

Training for R programming in Delhi
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