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We started our journey in 2012 and trained thousands of working professionals and student to fulfill their aspirations. We are improvising our training methodology day by day and confident of producing Analytics experts through transitioning the knowledge and sharing interesting projects and case studies.

Our trainers are veteran industry professionals and are expert in the field of Data ScienceBig Data & Hadoop, Machine Learning with Python & Data Mining. They have significant experience in building Analytical solutions using software like R, HADOOP, TABLEAU, CLIKVIEW, SQL SERVER, SSIS,SSRS and many other popular statistical and database Software.

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  • Python + R Programming
  • M.L. + A.I.

FeeRS 25,000

Duration3 Months

Machine learning with python


  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

FeeRS 20,000

Duration 2 Months


  • Machine Learning
  • R Programming

FeeRS 18,000

Duration2 Months

Advance Analytics S-A-S

FeeRS 23,000

Duration3 Months

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Since we opened our institute in 2012, the training institute has been helping professionals and students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working on live projects and provide placement assistance to all our professionals.

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Data Science Institute New Delhi, Data Science Course in New Delhi, Data Science Training in New Delhi

Data science course In New Delhi will help you develop statistical and analytical skills with proving deep insight into  SQL and Statistical Software Macros. Advanced statistical techniques accounts to major framework of the data science course which will help you gain expertise in Clustering, Decision Tree, time series and regression.

Collecting and transforming huge amount of data in more readable format, grasping of data patterns, pointing out new trends in analyzing business statistics and the knack of playing wisely with programming languages like R and Python accounts to the basics of Data Science Training in new Delhi. The course in Data Science Institute in New Delhi will definitely prove beneficial for the beginners in Statistical Software.You must belong to quantitative background like Finance, Maths, Engineering, Business management and Statistics.

Data Analytics Institute New Delhi, Data Analytics Course in New Delhi, Data Analytics Training in New Delhi

Data analytics Training in New Delhi seems another promising course with vast exposure to analytical trends. Data analytics involves various procedures from collection of data from various sources, processing, applying models, pointing out the key findings and creating reports in order to extract apt data.

In short it is churning of raw data and manufacturing it in a way to reap productive information useful for future growth of a business firm. For enrolling in Data analytics course in New Delhi, introductory course in Excel or Python for data analysis is advisable for you to gear up for detailed analysis through the training course.

Machine learning with Python Training in New Delhi, Machine Learning Institute Delhi, Python Institte in New Delhi

Machine learning is nothing but an application of artificial intelligence which provides the system to learn from experience without being explicitly programmed. It is used for predicting future output and which help you carve out the hidden pattern and structures from the data. In Machine learning with Python Training Institute in New Delhi, you’ll learn basics of machine learning through Python programming language and will get insight into the fundamentals of unsupervised learning along with implementation of essential algorithms using scikit-learn and scipy.

For Opting Machine learning with Python course in New Delhi, you should have sound knowledge of all programming languages like R programming, C++, JAVA, Python, a firm understanding of Probability, Statistics, algorithms, Maths and must be updated with latest trends knowledge. Machine learning with Python Training in New Delhi will skill you through the functioning of machine learning and its outputs.

Big Data Training Institute New Delhi, Hadoop TrainingInstitute New Delhi

Hadoop and Big Data Analytics Training in New Delhi will help you gain knowledge of doing analysis of large volume of structured and unstructured data accounts to big data analytics. Statistical Software helps in simplifying the analysis of voluminous data. Storing of data collected from various resources like social media, business transactions has become more feasible through new technology of Hadoop which processes big data through simple programming models making it easy to analyze.

Hadoop and Big Data Analytics Course in New Delhi will skill you through as to how big data analysis is used for carving out the fallacies which threatens the growth of any organization, calculation of risky portfolios in a minute and detection of fraudulent behavior. Big data analytics is used in Banking and Government sector for analyzing vast amount of data.

One should have basic knowledge of Hadoop, Mathematics and statistics, knowledge of programming language like C++, R programming, Python and JAVA and SQL.By enrolling into Hadoop and Big Data Institute in New Delhi, you will learn data visualization, concepts of Hadoop framework, MapReduce, HBase, Pig, Apache Spark in perfect cooperation with Big Data processing system.

R Programming Training Institute New Delhi, R-Programming Course In New Delhi

R Programming is a programming language which is used in statistical computing and analytics, data manipulation, data analysis and analysis of graphics. R is accounts to a free software that runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

R Programming Course in New Delhi will guide you through various key concepts of R programming language which include time series analytics, Linear and logistic regression, RAN and Fortran code, survival analysis and ANOVA.

If you are smart at problem solving abilities, proficient in core programming language with great analytical abilities and want to pursue your career as a data scientist or data analyst, you should opt for this R Programming training in New Delhi. The R programming Institute in New Delhi will help you guide you in detail through various techniques and tools used for processing and analysis of huge data.