What is Machine Learning and Data Science?

What is machine learning or Data Science? This is the first question that emerges in our mind. Where and how can we use these new edge technologies probably would be the next hurdle for new entrants in this field. We would like to talk about simple analytics in the early days. Hiring good analyst or statisticians was one of the objectives for most of the analytics hiring. Analyst in traditional environment applied statistics to solve a business problem and build a statistical model. New edge technologies help the industry to store this mammoth of data. This help analytics too to evolve from the traditional application of statistics to complex algorithm computation.

Demand of Data Scientist

New Machine learning software/Data science software make building and application of complex algorithm simpler. Now, these technologies are emerging so fast that Human Resource is facing problem to hire data scientists as these are short in supply. Industry are looking for a passionate data scientist who is well versed with software and application of statistics and complex algorithm. Professionals from Technical and Non-technical background both are in demand because of application in different sectors. Students from B.Tech, MBA, BCA, MCA and students with mathematical background are more preferable.

Expertise of Data Scientist

Data scientist are not generally expert in the subject they are working on. A Data scientist focuses more on accuracy and validation of solution they built. Data scientist interact with different business stakeholder to take the subject knowledge so that algorithm building can be used as per business requirement. Data Scientist is a techno-business profile where a person needs to have technical and business sense to develop the algorithm. Data scientist gather information from different sources like primary sources, secondary sources like server, web data or historical data directly from business. Data scientist use these historical data to train the model and test the model to check accuracy.

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