Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

As the need for big data analytics gains prominence world over; there is a subsequent growth in demand for Hadoop skill to process big data.
Program Objective

This course aims to take you through all the Big Data and Hadoop analytics concepts through step by step, well structured modules. It is our objective at Analytic square that by the end of this program you should be able to –

  • Have a basic understanding of Hadoop Distributed File System as well as MapReduce framework
  • Create a Hadoop cluster
  • Work with Sqoop and Flume on Data Loading Techniques
  • Learn to program in YARN, MapReduce and even write them
  • Do data analytics
  • Work on your own Big Data Analytics project implementing Hadoop

Who Should Join
If you are interested in big data and want to become a proficient Hadoop Developer this course is just right for you. You can benefit from this course if you are a –

  • Software professionals
  • ETL developers
  • Project Managers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Testing experts
  • Students with knowledge of Core Java

Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1: What is Big Data
  • Lecture 2: What is Hadoop
  • Lecture 3: Distributed System and Hadoop
  • Lecture 4: RDBMS and Hadoop

Section 2: Starting Hadoop

  • Lecture 5: Single node Hadoop Cluster
  • Lecture 6: Configuring Hadoop
  • Lecture 7: Hadoop Architecture
  • Lecture 8: Hadoop Components
  • Lecture 9: Name and Data Nodes
  • Lecture 10: Command Line Interface
  • Lecture 11: Running Hadoop
  • Lecture 12: Web-based cluster UI-Name Node UI, Map Reduce UI
  • Lecture 13: Hands-On Exercise: Using HDFS commands
  • Section Quiz


  • Lecture 14: How Map Reduce Works
  • Lecture 15: Data flow in Map Reduce
  • Lecture 16: Map operation
  • Lecture 17: Reduce operation
  • Lecture 18: Map Reduce Program In JAVA using Eclipse
  • Lecture 19: Counting words with Hadoop—Running your first program
  • Lecture 20: Writing Map Reduce Drivers, Mappers and Reducers in Java
  • Lecture 21: Real-world “Map Reduce” problems
  • Lecture 22: Hands-On Exercise: Writing a Map Reduce Program and Running a Map Reduce Job
  • Lecture 23: Java Word Count Code Walkthrough
  • Section Quiz

Section 4: Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Lecture 24: Hive
  • Lecture 25: Sqoop
  • Lecture 26: Pig
  • Lecture 27: Hbase
  • Section Quiz

Section 5: Hive

  • Lecture 28: Installation of Hive
  • Lecture 29: Introduction to Apache Hive
  • Lecture 30: Getting data into Hive
  • Lecture 31: Hive’s Architecture
  • Lecture 32: Hive-HQL
  • Lecture 33: Query Execution
  • Section Quiz

Section 6: Sqoop

  • Lecture 34: Installing and Configure Sqoop
  • Lecture 35: Import RDBMS data to Hive using Sqoop
  • Lecture 36: Export from to Hive to RDBMS using Sqoop

Section 7: Pig

  • Lecture 37: Introduction and Installation of Pig
  • Lecture 38: Pig Architecture
  • Lecture 39: Pig Latin – Reading and writing data using Pig

Section 8: HBase

  • Lecture 40: Installation
  • Lecture 41: Architecture of Hbase
  • Lecture 42: Managing large data sets with HBase
  • Final Quiz
  • Fee : RS 28,000
  • Duration : 40 Hours

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Big Data Hadoop Training Courses New Delhi

Big data Hadoop is the need of the hour to process big data and the Big data Hadoop Training Courses in Delhi will help you gain expertise in Hadoop framework and its efficient deployment in cluster base. On the completion of the course the learners will get insight as to what goes behind the huge process of data once shifted from excel to implementation of analysis of real time data.

For analyzing huge amount of data big data Hadoop is used.  Hadoop technology is used to derive real-time analytics from vast amounts of data from the social media channels, audio, log data, web, video, and machine-generated data.

For clickstream data, customer buying behavior, personas data, digital content processing and a whole host of data streams the top notch companies use Hadoop. Once the knowledge is gained you will be able to configure Hadoop components and will be able to integrate massive amount of data.

This course is most sought after as various social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn use Hadoop to manage challenging amount of data. As the part of the Big data Hadoop training course you will gain insight into Big Data characteristics, Basics of Hadoop and HDFS structure, key components of Hadoop system, creating a Hadoop cluster, knowledge of programming yarn and Mapreduce and you will work with Sqoop and Flume on data loading techniques.

Opting for Big data Hadoop Training course in Delhi require of you to be from technical background and should have basic knowledge of JAVA and Linux.