Big Data Analytics and Hadoop Opportunities

With organizations extending their operations manifold and the information revolution growing in volume with every passing minute; there is an increasing need to manage and extract precise and useful knowledge from this vast information wellspring. It is this growing need that has given birth to the concept of ‘Big Data’ analytics.

big data hadoop

Understanding Big Data

Big Data refers to the huge chunks of data containing valuable information on a variety of subjects. This information may be fully organized, semi-organized or completely unorganized. However, it makes it no less valuable a source for extracting the most sought after knowledge and inputs that are of utmost importance to businesses, defence services, markets, financial organizations, analysts, economists, governments, or even researchers and scientists.

Significance of Big Data Analytics

The process of analyzing these humongous data sets to unravel the hidden trends, patterns, correlations, indications, customer preferences and much more is called – Big Data Analytics. Organizations depend upon these analytical findings to draw-out improved strategies, opportunities, defence mechanisms, enhanced customer service, as well as, ways to improve their operational efficiency and gain an edge over existing or future competition.

Big Data Analytics is aimed at enabling companies to get the right information, through the right source, at the right time; in order to ensure the right action.

Why Hadoop?

Most organizations today are looking for new tools that will allow them to not only collect big data but also process it for in-depth analysis and derive new knowledge that can be used to their advantage.

One such effective, new, Java-based, technological tool that aids Big Data analytics is Hadoop. This programming framework from Apache™ is an open source software, that enables analysts to process large data sets, spread across distributed commodity servers.

Some reasons that make Hadoop a popular choice are:

  • Hadoop allows the flexibility of easy and quick scalability from a single server usage to multiple machines.
  • Changing the very dynamics and economics involved in mass computing; it emerges as a cost-effective, flexible and highly faults tolerant tool.
  • Some of the top companies today are using Hadoop for Big data; creating tremendous opportunities for well-paying jobs in Big Data for trained Hadoop professionals.
  • Hadoop architects, Hadoop developers, and Hadoop testers are in great demand in the market today.
  • Industry survey reports claim that the salary of Big Data Hadoop Professionals in India is anywhere above 6 lakh per annum and is expected to grow almost at the rate of 25 percent yearly.

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Big Data Analytics Training

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