SAS Project-2

In our ongoing effort, here we have added another SAS project where you will get glimpse of analytics also for your practice purpose.

A study conducted to measure whether a product which has reduced the cost are equally preferred to the current product. A sample of 200 people were asked their preference on the pair of samples Coded 27 and 45. One half of the group tasted sample 27 first and 45 second, the other half tasted the samples in the reverse order. Each people  are also asked to rate six qualities of these sample on a 0 to 6 scale (0=no response,1=excellent,… ,6 poor).  The preferences of each people were recorded as: 1, prefers first sample tasted 2, prefers second sample tasted 3, no preference. Please access the data by click  Assignment2.

The first variable is the people number, the second variable is number of the sample tasted first, the third variable is the number of the sample tasted second, the fourth variable is the six ratings for the first sample tasted, the fifth variable is the six ratings of the second sample tasted, and the last variable is the preference. You need to solve below business problems and give your comments and suggestions.

1. How many people preferred sample 27? You can use if-then statements to prepare the data set and use  n option in proc means. Use proc freq.

2. Use chi-square tests to compare the distribution of the rankings of the two products for each of the six aspects of quality. The chi-square test can run using proc freq. The information on column-wise input and do loops may be useful. Are the two products interchangeable? Interpret the output and express in statement for non technical readers.


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