SAS Projects- Assignment 1

Dear reader, we are going to add some practice assignment on different tools and techniques. We would encourage you to practice on these topics.


In an  advertisements a company claimed that taking its product Down-Drowsy reduced the time to fall asleep by 46% over the time necessary without pills. Able based this claim on a sleep study. Persons were asked to record how long they took to fall asleep (`sleep latency’) in minutes, and their average for a week was computed. In the next week these persons received Down-Drowsy and recorded their sleep latency. The following link gives data of the average sleep latency for each of the 73 persons first for the week without pills and then for the week with pills.

Click Assignment 1 to access the data.

Problem:1 Put the data above into a SAS data set containing 3 variables and use Patient, Week 1 and Week 2 as labels. Refer to Data Step Basics , SAS Variables, and Input Statement (List) for assistance. (Use the windows clipboard to transfer the data from the help file to the SAS program window following the dataline statement.) Use input statement with @@.

Problem:2 Use proc sort to arrange the data in increasing order by patient number. Print this sorted data set using proc print.

Problem:3 Use proc means to calculate the mean and standard deviation of the sleep latency times for each individual week.

Problem:4 How you will statistically find out that which drug is more effective. Use statistical call and interpret them.

Please submit your answer or let us know at that if you need assistance or help to solve above problems.

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